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Risk Limited Corporation™ provides a range of strategic management advisory services, risk management services, trading support, quantitative expertise, and expert witnesses & litigation support for a range of businesses and companies. Listed below are key services we offer our clients. Please contact Risk Limited™ for more information.

Risk Management Consulting
- Risk Limited™ provides Risk Management Services including development of policies & procedures, risk controls and compliance for enterprise-wide risk management of market price risk, credit risk and operational risk.

Strategic Management Advisory
- Risk Limited™ provides expertise in business planning and strategic risk assessments in the financial, energy and commodity sectors.

Risk Audits
- The RiskAudit can provide an indication of the ability of companies to identify, measure and manage risks and comply with Sarbanes-Oxley adequacy of internal controls.

Risk Policies & Procedures
- Risk Limited™ is expert in preparing the risk policies and procedures that are appropriate and effective for each unique business operation.

Risk Registers
- Our experience in creating Risk Registers will assure that your risks are accurately identified and appropriately presented for your Board in ranking risks and exposures.

Quantitative Analysis
- Risk Limited™ provides clients with expert talent in quantitative analysis with experience at finding solutions to real world financial issues requiring advanced financial mathematics and statistical methods.

Pricing Models
- Risk Limited™ has the expertise and experience to develop new pricing models or document & certify your current pricing systems to accurately value your products and trading instruments in wholesale & retail markets.

Trading & Hedging Strategies
- Risk Limited™ is expert in trading and risk management systems. We develop trading & hedging strategies and risk controls consistent with your financial objectives and risk propensity, using futures, swaps, options or other hedge instruments.

Litigation Support & Expert Witness Testimony
- Risk Limited™ is experienced in providing litigation support testimony and expert witnesses who are well-known professionals in their fields.

Credit Risk Analysis
- Risk Limited™ can provide you with resources to assess and enhance your credit risk management controls and counter party default risk.

We welcome the opportunity to provide Risk Limited™ services, products or consulting for you & your company. Please call us at +1.469.814.8000.