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Risk Limited Corporation™ provides expertise in business development planning and strategic assessments in the financial, energy and telecommunication industries.

Advisory services include support to management of corporate strategic planning for ongoing business planning processes, and in specialized assessments.

Independent Validation of Strategy & Investments:  On a defined project basis or as a continual business review, Risk Limited™ also provides independent assessment of specific opportunities and alternatives for third party investors and for corporate expansions.  Our goal is to help clients find the formula for success in their industries and growth in new businesses.

Market Entry Strategies & New Product Development: Strategy assessments may include entry into new businesses such as retailing or deregulated markets, or in the use of new strategies to support existing operations, such as designing and implementing weather derivatives or emissions credit management to stabilize costs and earnings, as well as compliance strategies for Sarbanes-Oxley and FAS 133.

If you would like to discuss in strict confidence your company's specific business needs, please call +1.972.245.8300 and speak with a managing director at Risk Limited™, or email Risk Limited™ and we will contact you promptly. Additional Risk Limited™ contact details are available on the Risk Limited™ Contact page on our website.

Thank you for your interest in Risk Limited™ and our strategic management advisory services.  We look forward to talking with you!