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Risk Limited Corporation™ provides expertise in credit risk management and control.  In the current business environment, credit risk has taken on an importance equivalent to market price risks.  It has become crucial for companies to measure and control the credit risk inherent in counter party transactions.  We can provide you with resources to assess and enhance your credit risk management controls, including financial statement analysis & back testing modeling, analyst reports, upgrade/downgrade information, collateral management, and credit default swap CDS spreads.

The Risk Limited™ award-winning credit risk models use the latest advancements in credit rating analysis methodologies. Our RiskRank┬« model provides traders, risk managers, CFO's and CRO's with a comprehensive, independent counter party risk assessment with frequent updates of credit risk levels. The RiskRank┬« is available on a very cost-effective subscription basis for both publicly-traded and privately-held companies.

In conjunction with assessing the credit risk of transaction counter parties, Risk Limited can assist in formulating your strategy for controlling credit risk exposure by determining optimal credit limits and term limits by counter party in order to appropriately diversify risk levels, and set collateral thresholds. For OTC transaction structures that qualify for exchange clearing, Risk Limited™ can assist you in setup and management of clearing and margining procedures. For more complex structured transactions, we can help identify the exposure level of potential counter party risks along with mitigation strategies.

Credit Risk Management Strategies:  If you would like to discuss in strict confidence your company's specific credit risk management needs, please call +1.972.245.8300 and speak with a managing director at Risk Limited™, or email Risk Limited™ and we will contact you promptly.  Additional Risk Limited™ contact details are available on the Risk Limited Contact page on our website.

Thank you for your interest in Risk Limited™ and our credit risk analysis services.  We look forward to talking with you!